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Cut out the Middle Man

Who is the Middle Man?

The middle man is a person or company that serves as the go-between for you (the client) and your medical writing service provider (i.e. The Med Writers). You explain to the middle man what you envision for your medical writing project and they, in turn, relay the message to  your medical writing service provider. Sound efficient doesn’t? The fact of the matter is, though, it can proved to be a great deal more complicated and messy than it sounds. Let’s see why.


What to Expect from the Middle Man

  • Miscommunication

    1. Miscommunication usually occurs when you have too many persons consulting on your medical writing project.
    2. For example, you contact one of these agencies and tell them what you envision for your company website. The agency (middleman) in turn may reach out to their in-house writers or outsource the work to a medical writing company like The Med Writers. However, due to the fact that you (the client) have not personally spoken to the medical writer yourself to make sure understand what you want, you end up with a product that is everything but what you expected.
  • A Costly Experience

    1. Now you may be thinking to yourself, high-quality medical content doesn’t come cheap. It would be better to spend more money working through an agency (the middleman) because at least I will get more for my money, right? Wrong! Let’s revisit the example from above. Suppose the medical content you receive requires more edits. Let’s do the math, shall we? More edits = More money. Why? Because now they have to pay their medical writers more money to meet your requirements, which, in turn means that they will have to charge you more. That is so not a win-win situation.

In short, expect a huge hassle with a side of frustration if you choose to have a middle man handle your medical writing projects.



On the other hand, you can choose to work with The Med Writers. Let me give some reasons as to why this would be the best choice.

What to Expect with The Med Writers

  • Direct Communication with Us

    1. You will be able to speak directly with your medical writers and convey your what you envision and hope for and we will in turn provide you with exactly what you want hands down!
    2. So this is how it goes. You contact The Med Writers via our company website, email or phone and explain to us the scope of your project. Once you have accepted the terms of payment we will get started on your medical writing project and deliver you a product that meets your satisfaction guaranteed. Es pan comida!
  • A Cost-Effective Experience

    1. Now that the middle man is gone, that’s one less person you have to pay. That means more of your hard-earned money stays right where it belong…in your pocket.
    2. With The Med Writers, you only have to pay for the medical writing services that you require for your specific project. Should you receive the medical website content and require some changes or edits, don’t worry! Every price we give includes unlimited revisions!




So why choose The Med Writers? Well,  if you would like to have hassle-free, cost effective experience, we are the people for the job. Contact us at or leave request a quote here.


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What Is A Biotech Writer And How Do They Benefit Biotech Companies?

A biotech writer is a science writer who is trained in biotechnology; typically with a PhD in some area of the biomedical sciences such as molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, biochemistry or nanotechnology. There are biotech writers who specialize in different areas such as manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, white papers, regulatory documents, protocols or even marketing articles, blog posts and social media posts.

Many fast-growing biotech companies are utilizing biotech writers to write these types of documents for them. They use a biotech writer with knowledge of their topic, plus with the needed writing skill. This allows them to take some of the writing responsibility off their overworked researchers that may not enjoy writing, without having to hire in-house writers and shoulder the expense of new employees.

For information about our available biotech writers at The Med Writers, email us with some information about the type of project and topic you would need a biotech writer for and we’ll get right back to you.

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Health or Medical Consultation–Need one?

Fact: It is estimated that the average household spends $15,000 per year on healthcare expenses, including simple Doctor Consultations to explain lab results.

Solution: The Med Writers offers the same great health and medical consultation services with a scientist/doctor without the expensive price tag. If you have blood work or lab results that you would like to have explained, look no further than The Med Writers.

Fact: Americans having excess body fat increases their chances of having:

-Type 2 Diabetes

-Heart Disease

-High Cholesterol

-And many more….

Solution: The Med Writers’ team is headed by Dr. Karen Vieira who is a passionate, health and wellness coach. Dr. Vieira has performed many health and medical consultations to help her clients improve the overall well-being. She has even developed her own health and wellness plan that can be tailored to any individual. It will allow the person to shed excess body weight and achieve the overall health and well-being that each of us desire.

Fact: The American Cancer Society states: “Like drugs, dietary supplements have risks and side effects. But sellers aren’t required to do research studies in people to prove that a dietary supplement is safe…There’s a lot of wrong information out there. Even for those who are usually well informed, it can be hard to find reliable information about the safe use and potential risks of dietary supplements.”

Solution: Have a health or medical consultation with one of our supplement experts. The Med Writers have formulated dozens of supplements for many clients. You explain to us the supplement you would like to use and why and we will tell you whether or not its safe and effective. OR, we may recommend a supplement that is both safe and will give you health benefits you are searching for. It’s that simple!

Email us today at for a quote on our health and medical consultation services. For more information about The Med Writers services, click here. Whatever your need for a health or medical consultation is, The Med Writers is the solution.

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